Looking for a voice over from a Dutch celebrity?

A Dutch voice over actor who is well-known on radio or TV - and not just a little bit - but a real celebrity. Those sorts of voices can be found on this page. You can organise everything quickly and easily via the Voicebooking platform. Bear in mind that with all Dutch celebrities the price is on request. Are you just looking for a really good Dutch voice over or voice over actor? In that case, click on through.

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Choose your Dutch (Famous) voice over / voice over actor

NL Not sure

Jack Wouterse

Worked for Volkswagen, Monsters & Co (Sully) & Obelix. Price on request.
NL 1 day

Frank Lammers

Worked for Duo Penotti, Financial Lease & Kendem. Price on request.
NL Not sure

Erik de Zwart

Worked for Veronica, Nederlandse Top 40 & Thomas de Stoomlocomotief. Has a voice booth, price on request.

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NL Not sure

Yannick van de Velde

Worked for Ikea, FNV & Opel. Price on request.
NL Not sure

Froukje de Both

Worked for Luchtmacht, Radio 538 & Kung Fu Panda (Viper). Price on request.
NL Not sure

Kasper van Kooten

Worked for AH hamsters, Monsters Inc (Mike) & KPN. Has a voice booth, price on request.

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NL 1 day

Xander van Vledder

Worked for UPC, Zorg & Zekerheid & Shell. Price on request.
NL Not sure

Frans van Deursen

Worked for ABN AMRO, Shrek & Uncharted games. Price on request.
NL Not sure

Cas Jansen

Worked for M&M's, Veronica & Knorr. Price on request.

Looking for a deal?

Limited budget? Recording multiple versions? Let’s talk!

NL 1 day

Lottie Hellingman

Worked for Herbal Essences, Glorix & Staatsloterij. Price on request.

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  • Direct contact with the voice
  • Free retakes based on a tone-of-voice briefing
  • No need for a recording studio

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Dutch is spoken by more people then you might think. In Europe there are 23 million people that speak it and then there’s the 5 million people that speak it as a second language. But obviously it’s mostly spoken in the Netherlands, Surinam and Belgium. Languages spoken in countries surrounding the Netherlands are FlemishFrenchEnglish and German.

Our Dutch voice actors can be booked for many different types of productions including movie trailers, video and corporate movies, E-learning, TV-commercials, radiocommercials and voice response messages. And also for animated features and audio books etc.

In Russia a Dutch voice actor is called a ‘Нидерландские дикторы’, in Portugal people talk about a ‘Actor de voz Holandês’ and in Poland it’s referred to as a ‘holenderski lektor’.